Beauty TreatmentsBeauty Treatments

Thinking of intricate henna art on your hands and feet? Or maybe that unique henna tattoo to make a head-turning fashion statement. Are you looking for a manicure or a pedicure? Or is it time for a hair removal treatment?
Whatever the beauty treatment you are seeking, our team of therapists at Beyoutiful is at your service.
Experience for yourself what a luxurious and relaxed session of beauty therapy you can enjoy at our parlor.

Manicure & Pedicure Treatments

From a quick file, shape and polish to the ultimate spa manicure or pedicure, we offer the therapy that satisfies your needs.
Go for the Express Mani & Pedi when you’re pressed for time but still need your hands and feet looking perfectly groomed.
If you would love a more relaxed, pampering session, we recommend our Beyoutiful Spa Mani & Pedi which includes a stress-relieving massage.

Hair Removal Treatments

Waxing - Wax your way to longer lasting, silky smooth skin.
Hot Wax treatment is a quick, effective method that also slows down hair growth and prevents stubble formation.
Alternatively opt for PHD (Professional, Hygienic and Disposable) waxing which is a more advanced, safe and hygienic method. It scores over traditional waxing as a high quality system of hair removal.

Threading - Ideal for small delicate areas like eyebrows, our skilled beauticians practice threading as a gentle way to give accurate results.
Threading offers a dual benefit of hair removal and precise shaping.

Henna Art

Decorating hands with henna or mehndi patterns is a traditional Asian beauty practice.
At Beyoutiful we specialise in a variety of henna art and henna design tattoo. Each pattern is co-created with our client as a customised service.
Choose from a Full Bridal Henna Art Package to Festive Special Henna or try a casual fun design.

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